Hot Rolled Pickled Oiled

Hot rolled pickled and oiled plate undergoes a process where it's cleansed of scale using an acid bath. This is followed by the application of oil to the steel, safeguarding it against rust after the acid treatment.


Hot Rolled Pickled Oiled


Hot rolled pickled and oiled (HRPO) plate is a uniquely processed steel product. It begins its journey as hot rolled steel which is then subjected to an acid bath. This critical step meticulously removes the scale - a byproduct of the hot rolling process - resulting in a clean, scale-free surface. Following this pickling process, the steel plate is immediately coated with a thin layer of oil. This oiling serves a dual purpose: it provides a protective barrier against corrosion, preventing rust formation that can occur after exposure to the acidic environment, and it enhances the material's durability and longevity. The combination of these treatments not only improves the physical appearance of the steel but also its workability, making HRPO plate a preferred choice in applications where both aesthetics and functional integrity are important.

Available Grades

Holding the title as the most favored among bronze alloys, it offers impressive tensile strength, resistance to wear and fatigue, and stands up well against deformation. Furthermore, it boasts commendable ductility, machinability, and weldability.

Available Shapes