Cold Rolled

A vibrant yellow alloy of copper and zinc, brass is celebrated for its acoustic properties, corrosion resistance, and decorative applications.


Cold Rolled


Brass is a distinctive metal blend, predominantly composed of copper, with zinc as its primary secondary element. This combination imbues brass with a set of unique properties that make it especially versatile. Notably, brass showcases a commendable degree of strength, making it robust enough for a wide array of applications, from musical instruments to door handles. Its inherent electrical conductivity allows it to be used in electrical components, ensuring efficient energy transfer. One of brass's standout features is its natural golden sheen, which, combined with its ease of polishing, makes it a favorite for decorative elements and artifacts that require a gleaming finish. Over time, its adaptability has seen brass find its way into diverse domains, ranging from the arts to engineering, solidifying its importance in the world of materials.

Available Grades

A versatile brass known for its excellent malleability. Its soldering and brazing abilities range from limited to decent.
330, 360
Popular for a myriad of uses, these grades are top contenders among copper alloys. They possess reasonable proficiency in both soldering and brazing.
Often dubbed 'Naval brass', this grade shines in durability and resistance to corrosion. Its prowess in soldering and brazing is particularly noteworthy.

Available Shapes